Company registration in Bulgaria

Company registration in Bulgaria

The company in the European Union, Bulgaria – What are the advantages for foreigners?

Registering a company in Bulgaria you will discover new features:

  • One of the lowest taxes in the world, the smallest in the EU, only 10%
  • Buying a car in Europe for the company.
  • You can also use a company in Bulgaria for the purchase of any car in the European Union. Enter it in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, without payment of the deposit and the customs duty.
  • The possibility to apply for car leasing
  • Buy or rent a plot of land for the construction of your house
  • Buy or rent land to live in already built
  • To use certain services on a par with Bulgarian citizens, such as mobile communications
  • Work on behalf of the company, concluding the necessary contracts

Rights plans to operate in Bulgaria or in Europe, is a must own company.

How to establish a company?

In Bulgaria, the most common of two types:

1. EOOD – a company with one founder
2. OOD – company in which more than two founders

These companies are analogous to a Limited Liability Company.


1 step. Preparing the necessary documents for the registration of the company. All activities for the preparation of the documents, our company takes over.
2 step. Signature and certification of documents required for registration of the company.
3 step. Join us in 3-5 working days.
4 step. Print Order of the firm and open an account, if required.

Registering a company in Bulgaria as possible with your presence in the country, as well as remotely. To do this, you want to sign the necessary documents and to assure them of a notary.
Preparation of all required documents, we take ourselves.

The cost of registering a company in Bulgaria – 290 €
(regardless of the number of founders)

In addition, we provide service, “the legal address of the company.”
(in the absence of your property in Bulgaria, owned or leased)
Cost of services “legal address” – 90 €

Getting “the current state of the company.” Cost of service – 15 €
(initial registration “current state of the company” is included in its registration price)

The document on the “date of the company” is required in almost all transactions with your company, it certifies that your company is active is registered. It contains the data of the company, legal and postal address of the founders.

You can also order to obtain “the current state of the company,” a company with which you are planning to negotiate. So you make sure that the company really exists, the person with whom you are negotiating, really officer.

– Information on the “financial condition” of the company you are interested in – 60 €
– Delivery of the zero reporting on the company, in the absence of activity – 125 € per year
– Management of the company, in the presence of activities – from 150 € per month
– Maintenance of our lawyers – by arrangement

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